Meet the team


Steve Grimsley FIRP - Co Owner


I have been recruiting with in the block management sector for over 15 years. Working with industry leaders from large corporate to boutique agencies. I’ve recruited for well over a 1000 people over the years and still doing so today. 

I hate titles, so if you look on LinkedIn my job title is always different. I always look like I brawl at the weekends, which is partly true because I am still playing 1st team rugby!



Scott Alford - Co Owner


I design bespoke learning outcomes, entertain and educate as a Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. I have to learn quickly about my target audiences' focus and culture, then translate this into real learning and development. 

Through my involvement I enable others to motivate, communicate, manage, influence and lead. I also help clients improve themselves further through self awareness, confidence, direction and organisation.

I love having some downtime with my family and enjoy a lot of sports, especially rugby and golf. Cannot forget Aussie rules games though!




Gary Mortimer - Leamington Spa & Southam 


I’m married with 3 children, who represent local teams and participate in the communities events and organisations. We have a preference for using local businesses and I also have family ties in the area. I have been a Warwickshire resident my entire life, I currently live in Southam, so you can tell I have a vested interest in the local area. 
My aim is to match candidates in my neighbourhood with the required skills to prospective employers, of course helping others gain employment is a reward in itself, but add in the bonus of finding a local resident that can expertly fulfil a role, and there are massive gains. The employee will save on expenses and time and feel happier in their position, feeling a stronger connection to their employer, as they live in the same area.


Emma Horner - Chepstow & surrounding areas


I was born in Bristol and now based in Chepstow, which is where I call home. My family and I love Chepstow and the surrounding areas, it really has so much to offer. I’m married with 1 daughter who attends school locally and loves to participate in local activities.

My aim now is to meet and match candidates in the local area who have the skills for perspective employers. This in itself will be a huge reward for me to match the right candidate and help them find the right job.